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Policies and Procedures for Borrowing Multimedia Equipment


DLSU validated/registered identification card is required to check-out or check-in laptop and/or projector.


  1. The multimedia equipment is prioritized for classroom use.
  2. Faculty members are allowed to borrow the multimedia projectors and laptops for use in class presentations. Enrolled students are also allowed to borrow the projectors and laptops, provided that they submit a Service Equipment Request (SER) Form that has been duly noted by their professor. Payment of appropriate fees is required if the SER Form has not been noted by their professor.
  3. Department/Unit Heads are allowed to borrow the multimedia projectors and laptops for classroom use as well as for DLSU activities and events.
  4. Student organization representatives are allowed to borrow the multimedia projectors and laptops for use in DLSU activities/events during the University break or the University week, provided that the Service Equipment Request Form has been duly noted by the SLIFE Director.
  5. For use in DLSU and non-DLSU activities/events such as revenue generating activities/events or externally-funded projects, borrowing is subject to the following:
    • Approval of the ITS Director
    • Payment of appropriate fees
  6. If the equipment is being borrowed on behalf of the Faculty or Office/Department:
    • The Faculty or Office/Department Head's Signature portion should be duly signed by the Faculty or Office/Department Head
    • The Requester's Signature be duly signed by the person borrowing the equipment from ITS.

    In this case, the Faculty or Office/Department of the Requester is considered as the Party Responsible, otherwise the Requester himself/herself will be considered as the Party Responsible.
  7. The Party Responsible will be accountable for the borrowed equipment until they are returned to ITS.  
  8. The Party Responsible will be liable for any charges related to late return, damage, or loss of equipment borrowed from ITS.
  9. If the borrower cannot receive the equipment, please endorse the representative/s of the Party Responsible who will receive the equipment by filling out the authorization portion of the Service Equipment Request (SER) form. 
  10. It is possible that damage or loss may be caused by "movers" or by the representative/s of the Party Responsible after check-out or before check-in of the borrowed equipment from/to ITS.  In case this happens, the Party Responsible will be charged for the costs.
  11. The borrower may request for a demonstration on the proper use and operation of the multimedia resources.
  12. Upon check-out of equipment, the borrower is issued a printed receipt.
  13. Upon check-in, the borrowed equipment will be examined and scanned by the IT Help Desk. If the equipment was properly acknowledged, a check-in receipt is issued to the borrower.
  14. In case the class/event of the borrower goes beyond the ITS Help Desk service hours, he/she is requested to return the borrowed equipment to the Security Office at SJ 108. The IT Help Desk will pick up and transport the borrowed equipment from the latter location to the ITS Office on the following working day. The borrower is encouraged to call the ITS Office (local 316 or 466) on the following working day to confirm that the returned equipment has already been picked up. The borrower may secure a check-in receipt from the IT Help Desk to serve as a proof that the equipment has already been checked-in/returned.
  15. The borrowed equipment should be used properly and returned on time to avoid payment of overdue fees.
  16. Borrowing of peripherals is on a first-come-first-served basis and for class presentations and DLSU activities/events use only.
  17. Renewals:
    • Renewal is allowed if there are no prior requests for the equipment on the intended date of use.
    • The borrower is required to accomplish a Service Equipment Request (SER) form to extend the duration of the use of the equipment.


  1. Fill out a Service Equipment Request Form (SERF)
  2. Have it noted by either of the following:
    • SLIFE Director for student organization use
    • Faculty for classroom use
    • Department/Unit Heads
  3. Submit the accomplished form to ITS Help Desk.
    Note: 3 days lead time is required. The request is still subject to approval.


  1. The fees for borrowing equipment and peripherals for use in DLSU and non–DLSU activities/events such as revenue generating activities/events or externally funded projects are the following:
    • Equipment
      • Laptop - P50.00 per hour
      • Projector - P50.00 per hour
    • Peripherals
      • Extension cord – P20.00 per day
      • Wireless Presenter - P20.00 per day
      • HDMI cable - P20.00 per day
      • VGA adapter for MAC - P20.00 per day
  2. Overdue Fines
    • Equipment and peripherals returned late will incur the following fines:
      • Equipment - P50.00 per equipment per hour. 
      • Peripherals - P20.00 per day
    • A Party Responsible with unsettled accounts will not be allowed to borrow any equipment until the overdue fines have been settled.
    • Overdue fines will not exceed the value of the borrowed equipment.
  3. Lost/Damaged Equipment
    • Lost Equipment
      • Equipment lost while on loan must be reported immediately.
      • Lost equipment must be replaced or paid within one (1) week after it was reported lost. If the borrower fails to settle the transaction, computation of fine will start after the one-week grace period until the account has been settled.
      • The equipment must be paid or replaced according to the value determined by the Accounting Office.
    • Damaged Equipment
      • Any damage or malfunction in any of the equipment should be reported immediately to the IT Help Desk.
      • For laptops or projectors returned that are damaged but still repairable, the Party Responsible will be liable for the repair charges of the equipment and should fill out a Material Requisition Form (MRF).
      • For laptops or projectors returned that are damaged and are beyond repair the ITS Office will charge the Party Responsible based on the depreciated cost as determined by the Accounting Office.

Payment Procedure:

  1. Get Payment Slip from the IT Help Desk at Room 305, Gokongwei Building.
  2. Pay the amount indicated on the slip at the Accounting Office.
  3. Keep the yellow and white copies of the Official Receipt.
  4. Present the yellow copy of the Official Receipt to the IT Help Desk on duty upon check-out of the equipment.

ITS Help Desk Service Hours:

Mondays to Fridays:               0700H - 2000H
Saturdays              :               0800H - 1200H; 1330H - 1700H